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Advanced Yield Select Crop Inputs

Products are getting marked up three or four times on their way to the farm and it’s the farmer that’s paying for all that. If we can go direct and source quality inputs for less – products we know are effective – farmers can keep more of what they earn.

Cory atley, Ohio’s four-time crop production yield winner, “corn warrior” and Advanced Yield Select Crop Inputs Owner

Advanced Yield Select Crop Inputs is bringing out our own branded products because we’ve found a way to source high-quality products for much lower cost. We’ve proven the value of these formulations in our own operation and we can bring these same products to growers in a way that will save them money. It’s just another way to help our members make the most of what they spend on inputs.

Our products offered have been selected after rigorous, applied on-farm agronomic research designed to drive total on-farm performance.

This is an effort for farmers by a farmer. Much of the current crop input distribution system is outdated and wasteful. Our members are free to choose whatever brands they want to use, we just want to provide more solid cost-effective choices.